Dr. Martin, founding member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, as well as a family practitioner and healthcare administrator, discusses and dismisses the misconceptions people have of medicare, acknowledges its limitations and what is being done to overcome them, arguing it… Continue reading

LISTEN: Roy Romanow, former premier of Saskatchewan and chair of the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada talks about Tommy Douglas, his passion for medicare, and his frustration at not seeing all the recommendations from his Romanow Report implemented.


LISTEN: Founding member of Greenpeace speaks about what inspired a ragtag group to form Greenpeace from a living room in Vancouver, their seminal trip to Amchitka Island, what they were hoping to accomplish and how much has changed since those early days.

LISTEN: Long-time activist and educator of the Cooperative Movement, Harold Chapman talks about the movement’s origins in Saskatchewan, his efforts to help it grow and its importance in Canada in the past and still today.

LISTEN: Politician and activist Olivia Chow shares her immigration story and discusses the initiatives she pursued to help new Canadians