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    Social Movements That Shaped Our Lives

Social Movements That Shaped Our Lives

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The Canadian History of Social ChangeThe Canadian History of Social Change

Social movements that shaped our lives

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What’s New on the Project

clayton ruby

Clayton Ruby Defends the Charter of Rights

August 26, 2015Defence lawyer and one of Canada's most vocal proponents of freedom of speech and the Charter of Rights, Clayton Ruby is not one to shy away from a good fight.
Danielle Martin

Dr. Danielle Martin Talks Medicare

August 26, 2015Dr. Danielle Martin - founding member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare - is one of Canada's most vocal proponents of the one-tiered healthcare system.

Joel Solomon: Re-Imagining the Social Economy

August 3, 2015You could say that Tennessee-born Joel Solomon took the road less traveled  – and many in BC and Canada are happy he did. Chairman of Renewal Funds – a (social) venture capital firm that invests in social change by supporting businesses at the forefront of social and environmental innovation – Solomon talked about how heRead More
kim baird

Kim Baird: Promoting Aboriginal Self-Governance

August 3, 2015When it comes to Indigenous rights and the struggle for self-governance and determination, Kim Baird stands as a true testament to what's possible.

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