About SEE Change Magazine


SEE Change Magazine is Canada’s publication on social entrepreneurship and social change. Much like other entrepreneurial endeavours, it was created in response to a need – the need to spread the word about an important movement that has the capacity to change the way we live and engage with our communities.

Our Mission

To inform, educate, and inspire social entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to see change in our world.

Our Vision

For social entrepreneurship to become an accepted standard for business practice in our society, and for all people to benefit from the work they participate in, and the products and services they purchase.

Our Story

SEE Change was founded in 2009 by Elisa Birnbaum and Nicole Zummach. Through our work as journalists and researchers covering the nonprofit sector, we were inspired by the social enterprise models we saw emerging. Armed with a mutual passion for storytelling and the desire to see change in the way people do business, we embarked on our journey. The result is SEE Change – The magazine of social enterprise and entrepreneurship. Its inaugural issue was published in February 2010.

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