History of Social Change Storytelling Workshops

Our workshops are available, upon request, for any school across Canada. We’re also excited about a partnership with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) that will help us bring the workshop into classrooms across the city.


 To help develop informed, empathic and compassionate future leaders of Canada 


We believe that, to create a future we’re proud of, it’s imperative that we know our past. We believe that social change is an important lens from which to learn about Canada’s unique history. And that, to fully appreciate our country, we must understand the rights and freedoms we enjoy, the changemakers who fought for those freedoms and the struggles that continue today.

 This project will allow students to gain a greater understanding of Canada’s social movements, the changemakers who fought for the rights and freedoms they enjoy and those still fighting for change, while sharpening their storytelling skills.

Who are these workshops for?

Students in grades 5 to 12 

Customized lessons are also available for university students

How will it work?

Leveraging the History of Social Change (HSC) project (including digital stories, an e-book and interviews), each workshop will focus on a social movement, or a few, and their impact.

Then, a facilitator will provide a lesson in storytelling before leading the class through an interactive activity (chosen by the teacher from a few options).

Lesson plans available upon request


By the end of the workshop, students will have honed their verbal and written communications skills, developed their capacity for advocacy and gained a deeper grasp of social issues in Canadian history and their impact on present day.

Workshops will focus on any of the following social movements:

  • Indigenous movement
  • Labour movement
  • Human Rights/The Charter of Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Black Canadian history
  • Immigration
  • Marriage Equality
  • Environmental movement
  • Healthcare
  • Social Economy/Social Innovation
  • Disability Rights
  • Racial equality
  • Cooperative movement
  • Other movements customized to the needs of your classroom

For more information or to schedule a workshop

Contact Elisa Birnbaum:  historyofsocialchange at gmail dot com

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