Former senior policy advisor and principal secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Tom Axworthy shares the story of the Charter of Rights – why it impassioned Trudeau so deeply, the fight to achieve consensus and ratification and the compromises along the way.


Having dedicated his career to defending the accused and upholding human rights, Clayton Ruby talks about the Charter of Rights and it how it has impacted his practice of constitutional and criminal law and civil rights.


CEO of the Chantier de l’economie sociale (Task Force on the Social Economy) and a long-time activist in the nonprofit sector, Nancy Neamtan defines the “Social Economy” and explains its unique and longstanding history in Quebec.


Chairman of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest social venture capital fund and board chair of learning centre Hollyhock, Joel Solomon shares his life story, one that led him from Tennessee to B.C. and a dedication to investing in social change.


A veteran of the nonprofit sector and the executive director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National, Tim Draimin talks about what inspired his commitment to the nonprofit sector, the origins of social innovation and its impact in Canada.

Aboriginal activist Tanya Kappo talks about her activist roots, her involvement with Idle No More, the legacy of residential schools and how she’s working to carve an empowered future for herself and her children.


Dr. Martin, founding member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, as well as a family practitioner and healthcare administrator, discusses and dismisses the misconceptions people have of medicare, acknowledges its limitations and what is being done to overcome them, arguing it… Continue reading